Admission department

Admission Department carries out registration, reception, initial examination of patients entering the Clinic for inpatient treatment.

The main aims of the Admission Department are:

  • Reception and registration of planned patients
  • Reception and registration of patients referred by companies under the VHI policy
  • Reception and registration of paid patients
  • Solving the issue of the need for hospitalization in a specialized department.

Patients who have previously been examined by a specialist of the Clinic and who have a decision of the selection committee on the need for inpatient treatment / examination and the timing of hospitalization are subject to planned hospitalization.

Routine hospitalization is carried out through the following channels:

  • at the expense of the CHI funds under referral of the specialist of medical institutions at the place of attachment;
  • at the expense of the CHI funds for the provision of high-tech medical care within the allocated quotas;
  • at the expense of VHI funds in agreement with the medical insurance organization that issued the VHI policy, and in the presence of an agreement for the provision of medical services between this insurance organization and the Clinic of the FSBSI ‘IEM’;
  • at the expense of individuals at the personal request of citizens.

More detailed information on the procedure of making an appointment for hospitalization, the duration of hospitalization and necessary documents can be found on the Hospitalization page.

Specialists of the department