Endovascular surgery

X-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment

X-ray endovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment are diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive interventions that are performed through the internal lumen of arteries or veins (without surgical incisions) under local anesthesia and under the control of X-ray equipment. The patient is awake during the operation. These types of interventions are performed on high-tech X-ray equipment (angiograph) in an X-ray operating room.

en/department/department-of-x-ray-surgeon-methods/xaminations and treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease, ischemic brain disease and generalized atherosclerosis are performed in the Department of X-ray Surgical methods of Diagnostics and Treatment from the X-ray operating room. Coronary angiography, angiography of cerebral vessels, renal, subclavian arteries and arteries of the lower extremities, stenting operations of coronary, carotid, renal, subclavian arteries, arteries of the lower extremities are performed as part of the provision of high-tech medical care (HMP) according to federal budget quotas.

You can contact the head of the Department of X-ray surgical methods of Diagnostics and Treatment from the X-ray operating room, Professor Rostislav Arturovich Azovtsev for detailed information on the procedure for examination and hospitalization.

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Our physicians

Azovzev Rostislav Arturovich

Head of the Department of X-ray surgical diagnostic methods and treatment with X-ray operating room.
High level certificate surgeon
Doctor of Medicine, professor

Medved Mikhail Sergeevich

Specialist of endovascular diagnostics and treatment